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Action Packed Movies You Will Love On DistroTV

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Are you in the mood for some high-energy, adrenaline-pumping action? Look no further than DistroTV! Our free streaming service has an impressive collection of action movies that are sure to satisfy your craving for excitement. From classic action films to modern blockbusters, there’s something for every fan of the genre. Here are four of the best action movies available for free on DistroTV that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.


“Jack Strong” – Based on the true story of a Polish intelligence officer who risked his life to expose Soviet secrets during the Cold War, this gripping political thriller is full of twists and turns as Jack tries to outsmart his enemies and save his country.

“13” Assassins” – 13 assassins embark on a dangerous mission to ambush the lord and his army of hundreds, in a thrilling and bloody battle that tests their courage, loyalty, and honor. This remake of the 1963 classic is a must-see for fans of samurai movies and action-packed adventures.

“Goonie-Boys: Curse of the Mayan Coin” – In this action-packed adventure, a group of young treasure hunters must battle ancient curses, rival gangs, and deadly traps as they search for a legendary Mayan coin that holds the key to unimaginable riches.

“The Warlords” – Set during the Taiping Rebellion in 19th-century China, this epic historical drama follows three blood brothers who become warlords and fight for power and honor in a world of chaos and betrayal. As their loyalty and values are tested, they must face the consequences of their actions and decisions.