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Camila Cabello Documentary On DistroTV From Fuse Backstage

Fuse Backstage Original, Camila Cabello: Just Jump, will premiere at 8PM ET on Tuesday, February 1, FREE on DistroTV. This music documentary explores Camila Cabello’s life and career from her beginnings on X-Factor to world-renowned pop princess.

The music documentary is a Cinderella story with Latin roots. Despite Camila Cabello’s early solo elimination on the singing competition series X-Factor, she returned with the pop group Fifth Harmony, snagging third place and winning the hearts of fans everywhere. Now with multiple award-winning albums released, a lead role in the film “Cinderella,” and a high-profile romance under her belt, there’s nothing stopping this pop princess from taking over the music industry and cementing her legacy as one of the greats.


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