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DistroTV: Watch Free Movies Online: 19 Best Movie Channels on DistroTV

DistroTV has a wide selection of movies and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a classic Western, a family film, or an obscure horror flick, DistroTV has a channel for you.

Available channels focus on LGBTQ+ communities, Black-owned entertainment and movies from around the world. You might catch an old favorite or discover something completely new. Keep reading to learn about the 19 best channels to see movies on DistroTV.

  1. CineLife

    CineLife is an ideal channel for film festival fans and independent film lovers. CineLife originated from a love of arthouse films and currently offers a curated collection of films and award-winning documentaries.

    The channel offers popular artistic films and currently features Mother by award-winning director Bong Joon Ho. You can also catch creative movies with big-name stars, such as Melancholia, featuring Kirsten Dunst and Alexander Skarsgård. CineLife rotates through a variety of films and documentaries and has an abundance of unique content.

  2. CONtv

    Quirky cult films inspire the selection of movies available on CONtv. Comic-Con fans will appreciate genres like fantasy and anime as well as nostalgic films. CONtv has shows featuring aliens, superheroes and martial arts to prepare viewers for their next Comic-Con experience. The channel also shows unusual and low-budget motion pictures that you won’t find in other places.

  3. Galxy TV

    Galxy TV streams a broad range of films. This channel doesn’t stick to a particular genre but focuses on showing unique films for various interests.

    Family films such as Spy Cat are available, along with some popular titles, including The Mummy Resurrected. But you can also find a selection of horror movies, LGBTQ films, and plenty of other genres.

  4. Dungeon TV

    Dungeon TV provides a one-of-a-kind streaming experience for Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts. This channel follows the lives, stories, and games of several D&D players. D&D content plays here around the clock.

  5. The Film Detective

    Vintage-film lovers will enjoy the broad collection that includes John Wayne movies, Sherlock Holmes stories and much more. The Film Detective has a variety of popular selections, but it’s also the channel to watch if you’re looking to dive deep into older films. With hundreds of hours of classic movies, television shows, vintage cartoons, old documentaries, and rarely seen classics to, you will never watch  the same thing twice.

  6. Lone Star

    Lone Star plays Western classics, including  popular John Wayne films,lesser-known “B Westerns,”as well as musical westerns with stars like Gene Autry. Lone Star also features some of the first Westerns filmed in color and classic TV Westerns, including Bonanza. This complete collection of classic Western movies even includes a selection of popular Spaghetti Westerns, which originated out of Italy and Europe in the 1960s.

  7. Bambu

    Bambu is a Chinese cinema network, but films on the streaming channel have English dubbing or subtitles for easy accesibility. You’ll enjoy this channel full of content native to China if you’re looking for a new cultural experience or hoping to view an uncommon foreign film.

  8. Christmas Classics

    The Christmas Classics channel on DistroTV lets you stay in the holiday spirit all year long. This channel plays some true classics, including Scrooge and Miracle on 34th Street, but you’ll also find some more unusual holiday movies. Some humorous movies, like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, might provide some festive laughs. You can also enjoy some holiday episodes from classic television shows like The Beverly Hillbillies and Annie Oakley.

  9. Revry

    Revry is an LGBTQ+ lifestyle channel that presents queer movies in various genres such as drama, comedy, documentaries, and even horror. Some movie offerings focus on important LGBTQ+ issues for a range of audiences, including families. But Revry also includes entertaining adult-oriented motion pictures. One of Revry’s goals is to provide radically inclusive entertainment, and the channel has something for anyone looking for LGBTQ+-friendly movies.

  10. OML on Revry

    Revry created its OML channel for queer womxn, including those who identify as lesbian, bi, trans female, gender non-binary and others. Movies that emphasize topics and content that may interest these groups are the heart of the channel. OML on Revry also features TV shows for queer womxn and original content.

  11. Watchit Scream!

    Scary movies are available any time on Watchit Scream! This channel features  an impressive selection of horror films in every subgenre, from sci-fi thrillers to zombies. Watchit Scream! has mainstream horror movies, like The Mummy Resurrected and Dracula Reborn, but you’ll also find art-house horror,experimental films and some unusual and grisly horror flicks. Although not all of the movies are well-known, most are relatively new.

  12. Frightflix

    Frightflix is another favorite channel for horror fans. Frightflix adds new movies every month, and the rotation includes 70s cult classics, modern horror, and science-fiction films. The channel also offers some rare horror movies and low-budget grindhouse films.

  13. 24 Hour Free Movies

    As the name suggests, 24 Hour Free Movies plays a growing rotation of movies from around the globe 24/7. The collection includes all genres, including children’s movies. This channel is worth turning to for fun, popular, and family-friendly films.

  14. The Dove Channel

    The Dove Channel is a faith-based network, and all of its content is family-friendly. You can see movies that are fun for the whole family and appropriate for kids to watch.

    Many movies on this channel are Christian-based or faith-focused films, such as Letters to God. The channel has some newer movies, including the 2014 film The Identical, but you can also find family classics, including Where the Red Fern Grows and The Little Princess.

  15. Movie Kingdom

    Movie Kingdom describes itself as providing “Free Black Movies and TV.” On this channel, you’ll find independent films from Black entertainers.

  16. The GRID

    Movies on The GRID are from around the globe, but they all share the channel’s urban-focused theme. The Carl Jackson Motion Pictures Studios-owned channel provides a fresh selection of culturally diverse entertainment.

  17. The Monarch Channel

    Monarch is a domestic and international agency that provides feature films and other content, and The Monarch Channel is a great way to discover a new favorite.The channel has a variety of feature films from multiple genres. Movies from around the world provide a unique cultural experience, but most of them are offered in English. You’ll also find a collection of documentary films on a broad range of topics, including space, trains, music, and ghosts.

  18. KweliTV

    KweliTV is a Black-owned streaming service, and you can watch their channel anytime on DistroTV. The channel celebrates worldwide Black stories with films from the United States, Nigeria, France, and many other countries. KweliTV movies include award-winning indie films and one-of-a-kind documentaries focused on Black history and narratives.

  19. Plymouth Rock TV

    Plymouth Rock TV focuses on the work of independent producers and creators, and viewers can enjoy new independent films and documentaries. You’ll find festival films, like those from FilmFest52. Plymouth Rock TV also has a variety of documentary films and Hollywood classics like A Farewell to Arms. Some of the content focuses on New England and Cape Cod, but the channel also includes global films such as 8000 Paperclipswhich is about Rafael Lomas’ work with South Sudanese children.