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Ultimate DistroTV Music Guide

What is life without music! Whether you want to rock out, chill out or sing your heart out, DistroTV has the music you love all for free. Here is a breakdown of the music genres and options we feature!


Top Hits

  • Stingray Hit List
    • Tune in for a dose of today’s hits and a preview of tomorrow’s sensations. You’ll discover the next chart-toppers before everyone else!
  • Stingray Greatest Hits
    • A channel filled with the greatest hits by the most popular bands and artists of all time. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser for every occasion.
  • Stingray Pop Adult
    • A romantic mix of pop adult classics. Features current hit makers like Adele and Maroon 5, and timeless favorites such as U2 and Madonna.


  • Circle All Access
    • Your new home for country music, southern lifestyle, and entertainment.
  • Stingray Hot Country
    • Hot Country rounds up brand new country hits and favorites from the past decade.


  • Stingray Flashback 70s 
    • Travel back to an explosive decade in music when Abba, Jackson 5, Kool and the Gang, the Bee Gees, and Carole King reigned on the charts.
  • Stingray Remember The 80s
    • Relive your neon-bright ‘80s memories with the synth-pop sound of stars such as Michael Jackson, George Michael, and Whitney Houston.


  • Stingray Classic Rock
    • Return to the classic rock revolution of the ’60, ‘70s, and ’80 with legends like Janis Joplin, Peter Frampton, and The Rolling Stones.
  • Stingray Rock Alternative
    • Experience the intensity of the best alternative rock sound. Features hard-hitting acts like Arcade Fire, Billy Talent, The Black Keys, etc.


  • Stingray Hip-Hop/R&B
    • Turn up the volume on the grittiest sounds of today’s hip hop scene, featuring hits by Beyoncé, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, etc.


  • Latido Music
    • The #1 TV network for fans of all genres of Latin Music. Enjoy the best music videos, the latest news, talk and reality shows, documentaries and everything you want to know about Latin culture!
  • Stingray Today’s Latin Pop
    • Dance along to today’s hottest Latin music in genres such as salsa, samba, merengue, flamenco, tango, reggaeton, and reggae.
  • Flash
    • Una colección divertida y refrescante de los videos musicales más recientes y populares de los artistas más pegados de la actualidad. A fun and refreshing collection of the latest and most popular music videos from today’s biggest stars.


  • BritAsia
    • BritAsiaTV is the UK’s only Television platform by British Asians for Asians around the world. It celebrates the South Asian Community, providing them a platform to showcase their talent in the music and entertainment sectors. Enjoy the live channel with a mix of eclectic programming, live events and entertainment from the worlds of music and movies.
    • MASTIII is India’s No.1 free 24×7 Music & Youth channel! It has a universal appeal, ranging from peppy to romantic & from retro to latest blockbusters.


  • Stingray Classica
    • Stingray Classica presents the most beloved masterpieces, breathtaking ballets, opulent operas, and enchanting chamber music! Start your classical music journey now to enjoy spectacular performances, recorded in the world’s grandest venues, featuring world-class conductors, singers, and soloists.


  • Stingray DJAZZ
    • Whether you love acid jazz, big band, ragtime, mainstream jazz, or anything in between, experience the most diverse and in-depth concert, performance, and documentary programming on Stingray DJAZZ.


  • Stingray Karaoke
    • Gather with friends to sing your heart out to your favorite tracks with Stingray Karaoke. From yesterday’s golden oldies to today’s hits, we got you!

Music Videos & Concerts

  • Qello Concerts
    • Stingray Qello presents your front-row seat to concerts by your favorite artists, bands, and musicians! Experience the encore with thrilling concert-films and get up close and personal with award-winning documentaries.
  • Loop Music Videos
    • Loop Music Videos plays the biggest and most popular music videos from all genres and all eras. From classics to country, from Hip Hop to Pop, from R & B to Rock, only the Loop Music Videos channel has all the best music videos all in one place. Tune in, turn it up and enjoy!


  • Naturescape
    • Stingray Naturescape offers you an escape to a world of stunning nature scenes, all set to peaceful soundtracks. Relax to a crackling fireplace, soar over a tropical paradise, or get inspired by a sparkling night sky, all from the comfort of home.
  • Quietude 4k
    • Gain a state of zen, relaxation and calmness. Quietude 4K features a 100% 4k visual & audible experience like no other.
  • Drone Channel
    • See the world from a different point of view. Travel, Action, and Nature, captured by drone enthusiasts and professionals, delivered in a pristine 4k format.
  • ScreenDreams
    • Enjoy the best in galleries, screensavers and wallpapers…home of the living fireplace.
  • Fireplace Lounge
    • Enjoy Cozy Fireplaces with Crackling or Relaxing Music.
  • Relaxing Rain
    • Enjoy Calm Rain Showers with Ambient Music or Rain Sounds.
  • Island Escape
    • Enjoy Exotic Beaches with Calming Waves or Island Music.
  • Tranquil Thunderstorms
    • Enjoy Relaxing Thunderstorms with Ambient Music or Rain Sounds.
  • FishTank
    • Enjoy Tropical Fish with Calm Ocean Sounds or Island Music.